Reset, Reconnect, and Reignite Your Life

With 4 Simple Steps

As I share in the video above I developed a program that can really support people in shifting out of their anxiety, negative thinking, disconnection, stuckness and feeling like they just don’t know how to change their situations. 

I know what it’s like to experience these feelings and I also know that when I’ve applied the simple method I’ll be sharing, I have completely transformed my life and stepped into the life of my dreams. I’ve experienced first hand and led others in this shift in my one on one coaching but I want to empower even more people to reignite their lives and live in possibility and freedom.

In this course I address the vital components of creating lasting change. Shifting the negative, unproductive patterns of both the conscious and subconscious mind and harnessing your own internal vibration and frequency to create the reality you choose.


No matter what you want to create, the love of your life, a successful career with meaning, beautiful connected relationships, vibrant health, or simply being more calm and peaceful regardless of what is happening in your life these foundational practices can get you there.

The steps and practices I share are things that you most likely have heard before or even already practice. Each of these tools on their own are beneficial but when you combine them all it creates a dynamic, effective pathway to transformation. Also in my experience and research I have learned that consistency is often the missing key to make a permanent change. 

It was important for me to cater this program for the busy mama or person so the practices and trainings are not time intensive but consistent enough that powerful shifts will occur. SPARK AND IGNITE IT has an easy to follow structure that supports fun, inspiring daily actions that promote peace and elevation.

This Program Is Mindfully Crafted For:

  • People who are brand new to this kind of work and are ready to learn the foundational tools to transform any area of their life
  • People with some experience but have gotten off track losing the connection to themselves and their own power to manifest the life that they truly want
  • People that lack consistency in their current practices so they are not getting the results that they want and are ready and committed to quantum leaping to the next level
  • People who are ready, willing, and committed to truly transform their lives for the better

Nadea McPherson

Chief Operations Officer
Much of my success, both personally and professionally, I can attribute in many ways, to Nadia's encouragement, the confidence she gave me and the emotional work we did, which allowed me to reach breakthrough after breakthrough. Specifically she helped me deconstruct and recognize negative past imprinting, patterns of self destructive behavior and negative thinking, inducing paralyzing anxiety. She gave me tools to feeling grounded, confident and connected to source energy. Ultimately, Nadia helped me re-align with my soul and my purpose so that who I was meant to be could be reflected in my choices and behaviors, propelling me towards the future I always dreamed of. I can confidently say that Nadia Salamanca indeed, changed the course of my life.

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What You'll Get In This 6 week Course

  • Weekly On-Line training videos
  • Powerful Daily Journal Prompts and Questions
  • Weekly 5-10 minute Simple To Follow Guided Meditation Practices
  • 12 Audio Meditations To Up level Your Subconscious Mind
  • (2) 45-minute one-on-one coaching sessions
  • A supportive FB community
  • Lifetime Access to Spark and any upgraded materials
  • Flexible Timeline-You start or restart the 6 week program at your convenience

Katie Thomas

Mother and Artist
Working with Nadia has been life-changing. She has helped me steer my focus toward what I want to create in my life, and helped me shift my habits of thought to actually manifest and achieve those things. I came to her an exhausted and totally depleted mother of 2, almost 3, and she helped me to not only make very needed practical shifts in my daily life which created more connection and groundedness, but also led me through deep meditations to shine light into past wounds that were causing me daily pain and holding me back from my highest potential

Benefits You'll Receive

  • Reset your ability to calm, center and ground yourself in a short amount of time
  • Reconnect deeper to your inner power and the flow of energy within you
  • Reignite the possibilities and dreams you can create for your life
  • New tools to master a consistent daily practice that bring positive results
  • Gain a deeper appreciation for the goodness in your life

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Felicity Murphy

Professional Photographer and Mom
As a very busy mama, wife, entrepreneur, and community member I live like everyone else these days- in a constant state of communication, demands, stress, etc. It is so easy to forget the basic practices I KNOW will help me stay balanced. Again and again Nadia has been that source bringing me back into the realm of grounded peace that helps me be calm and powerful. She models and encourages consistent simple practices like asking powerful questions to get yourself back in alignment, reframing negative or limiting thoughts and beliefs, and tuning into ones own energetic vibration or frequency to propel your desires forward. She is also a seasoned meditation guide. Simply looking into her beautiful smiling face is a meditation in itself, but I find her voice and words truly wonderful. 20+ years of practice to draw on; she’s been cultivating a knowledge base that rivals most. No matter how much I think I have things in my life figured out, I find my mindset and flow always improve with Nadia’s insight and guidance. She offers nuggets of inspiration and tools to help me navigate the toughest of times. And in times of harmony and power, she has rocket boosted me to higher levels!

This course is being offered at a very discounted price which will only be available for a limited time.

2 private one on one coaching sessions alone would be close to this price but you receive the 6 Week Online Course with 2 private coaching sessions included

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Since I want as many people as possible to learn these powerful tools I am now offering my online course without the private one on one sessions for ONLY $297!

 The consistent practices in this course alone can create real change in your life. And if you later discover  you want additional support to clear specific limiting beliefs, thoughts, and patterns you can contact me directly and upgrade anytime.

Also as a GIFT to all SPARK AND IGNITE IT participants, I am going to create a personalized 10 minute meditation with specific messages to up level your subconscious mind and empower you around the area of your life you want to improve the most.

Additionally you will have permanent access to all the videos and audios that are recorded in the course to continue deepening your practice or to refer back to anytime as a reminder in case you forget how powerful you are. I will be upgrading this course and all participants of this Beta Course will receive any upgraded material for FREE no matter how many times the course is upgraded.


I’m excited to offer to anyone who purchases the full version of SPARK AND IGNITE IT my newest program for FREE!

VALUE $297



Video Trainings  Meditation Audio   Journal/Visualizing Exercises

The first time ever I breakdown the tools and practices I implemented to completely transform my relationships and manifest the love of my life.

This practice is not only for people who want to manifest an intimate love partner, it is also for any soul partner in life. It will help you attract the most aligned friends, business partners, clients, customers, and it can even help shift dynamics with family members.

Although I recommend taking my SPARK AND IGNITE IT course first as it will give you the best results.

If you are interested in just purchasing BRINGING IN YOUR SOUL PARTNER click the Register button, pay $297 and write SOUL PARTNER when you check out.

Marie Claude Ménard

References Manager
This sweet Ojai girl taught me how to reframe my mindset to deal with everyday stuff that we have no control over sometimes. She reminded me about all the possibilities that I could act upon and helped me reclaim my worth with my family, my friends and my co-workers by just simply owning my truth. I am changed for the better after 6 weeks and I do not intend to stop doing the practices. It was worth every penny, because I am worth every penny. If anyone is hesitating to climb aboard, just listen to your heart and see what it tells you. For me, she made my life much easier and better just by teaching me how to refocus on what is important and to reconnect to my inner self. I will be eternally grateful to have met one Mrs. Nadia Salamanca and to have the privilege to have her share her wisdom with me.

You have the power to take control of your life and create more peace, joy, love, play, flow, abundance, and whatever your soul desires, I would be honored for you to join my programs and to support you in living your best life.

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With Vibrancy and Gratitude,